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Vincent is the Founder and Managing Director of Spark Ventures and also an Executive Director of the Full Success Group. Being the third generation of the family fund, Vincent has been investing in real estate and capital markets with over a decade of experience. 

Vincent is passionate about startups and the technology then he founded Spark Ventures, a VC firm focusing on early-stage investments, to nurture startups with the best possible chance of success.

Vincent is currently the panel judge of the largest venture investment club in Hong Kong, Pan-Asia Venture Development Platform (PAVD). Its panel members manage collectively over USD500 billion of assets. He is the the Co-chair of the early stage sub-committee of the Cyberport Investors Network (CIN) and Round A Investor (RAIN) Club of Singapore Management University (SMU). CIN engages worldwide investors of leading venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity funds.

Vincent holds an MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School. 

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