First & leading education AI-driven motivation model in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, CHINA

Find Solution Artificial Intelligence (FSAI) aim to further develop and build our techniques in Artificial Intelligence by using big data analysis – to give automation & performance predictions in Education aspect, advertising and medical diagnose of cognitive disorders.


FSAI has developed an AI driven Motivation Model Software - 4LittleTrees (4LTs), with Deep Learning model to read user’s emotion and generate real time interaction, motivation, and understanding of the user’s behavior & cognitive awareness; offering a tailor made an interactive curriculum giving all users the chance to participate and engage in learning and compliance training.  


4LTs, on a real-time basis, is to motivate the learner, maximize learning efficiency, and to develop ureself-confidence.  Based on the AI report, both parents and teachers can have a deep understanding on st learning performance and personal developmen exam pressudent’sminimizet. In addition, FSAI identifies abnormal physical patterns, i.e. Depression, ADHK and ASD. 4LTs currently has 16 patents pending worldwide, 15 of Hong Kong government schools are subscribed pilot; while 1100+ and 75 schools in schools in China were networked.

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